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Surf 2Max School

surf 2 max

You want to progress or just to learn how to Wakesurf.

Surf 2 Max is there for you to discover or improve your skills.

With Centurion being the official towboat of 2019 World Wake Surfing Championships, our personal shaped boards, video analysis and beautiful areas we will have you popping that air or just surfing in that wave you always wanted in no time!

Not to forget that the German champion Maximilian Kawlath will have all the tricks up his wetsuit sleeve to get you where you want.

We travel to different locations where we offer our service and give the advise you always have been looking for. So keep up to date where we currently are.

But the fun doesn't stop there. The latest jetsurfs will be available for you to use just to top up that surf experience.

In the case that's not your thing or water is too choppy there is always the opportunity to hop on a Wakesurf foil and cut through the water as if it was flat.

Little SUP excursions in-between your sessions also don't harm the fun.

If this is all not enough for you a fitness program will be available for you to follow, that mainly focuses on your wakesurf muscles.

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